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♥To be with BABY forever.. =))
♥More more money
♥Clear Debts
♥Turtle Helmet with goggle
♥Head set
♥Cap From STAGE
Small Crumpler bag
♥Straight fringe
♥Car License
♥Bike License
♥MORE shirts and pants
♥Bag pack
Mini speaker(neh neh shape)
Hard disk
♥EOS Camera
♥New Digital Camera
Chalet for 21st Birthday
New shoes




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Saturday, April 03, 2010
Blogged at: 11:39 PM
You'll be gone...... For 9 days.
But its like as if 90 Days, 90 Months.
I need you. And I definitely gonna miss you a lot.
School gonna re-open soon and I guess you'll be super busy because its gonna be your last year. Last year in school means more work to do. More test. More quiz. More projects. All this more+more+more+more = Less time for me =(
I'm a little selfish. But I'm easily contented as well. I just hope that we can spend some times together if possible. Will you give me your time?
Anyway, was rather stress/sad/disappointed these few days. Feeling really moody because my results wasn't that good and my application for poly was an unsuccessful one. So I'm going to mail to a few poly hopping that they will accept me 1 day. Should really stop wasting time studying and studying, ending up still in ITE. Fuck the world!
Hopefully Miss Lim will plan me work more so that I can earn extra money for the food on my coming chalet. And *wished* that I could clear off my debts so that I can start saving for my future as well as my future bike. *I have to feed my baobei as well* Hahahaha...
Alright. Shall update more when Im free, or when I feel like.
I miss you like crazy ="(

Monday, March 22, 2010
Blogged at: 12:43 AM
Woooohooooo~~ Im back after so long. Heh!! Was kinda busy.
I know you guys miss me!! Thank you =)
Many things happened but lazy to update. Since now its holiday, I planned to chiong more on my bike pract. Hopefully I can get my license before it expire.
I want my baby so much. Tiffy Tiffy!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010
Blogged at: 1:57 AM
Im really hurt this time round.
who to blame? No 1 but myself, STUPID/ RETARDED/FOOLISH serene!

Thursday, February 11, 2010
Blogged at: 11:33 PM

Thats my new hair style. (a little man ah)
Went to the hair salon together with lawrence and F***, we waited for more than 1 hour.
Seriously cannot judge the book by its cover. I see that hair dresser like cannot make it. However, he Impressed me.
Just 2 more days to new year. Oh man... Time flies!! Yes ah, I managed to hit the $88 incentive. heheheh.. Thanks to clara...
Tomorrow going out with my puipui. Yeah!!! =)
Last but not least.. Wishing my gan daddy (Barry's Father) a happy birthday (:

Monday, February 08, 2010
Blogged at: 1:02 AM

Went shopping with Atiqah , Tiff and Amanda. Last minute decision though. Had lots of fun hanging out with my new buddy. Hahaha.. With her around, shopping is so much better because she gave lots of suggestions and opinions. I believe Tiff feels this way too =)
These are the stuff I bought for myself, and I overspent it. So from now onwards must start to control , if not later no $$$ eat.
And yes... Like finally I managed to get the bag I wanting so long. Thanks ah baby....... Its so nice of you to get me that Crumpler bag. Heh heh heh~~~
Okay la, give you discount. Instead of you giving me 3 presents - V'day/Ann/My birthday. I shall let u just get me another present for my birthday will do. And of course I did prepare something for you too la. Heart itchy liao right? hahaha.. You will know it 6 days later from now!! But Im sure its something that u want/Like =)
14blades is indeed a nice movie!!
Oh yah, I ordered 1 "shirt" online and they delivered wrong item. Sad!!
Alright.. Im tired and goodbye.
I enjoyed spending my every moment with u!! Thats $$$ CANT buy (:

Saturday, February 06, 2010
Blogged at: 9:56 PM
I love this pic to the max. Hahaha...
Saw someone comment on fb today => " V'day VS New year "
Interesting isnt it? For you guys who are attached what would you choose?
As for me, Im working on new year. Visiting will be at night I guess.
There will be a staff party tomorrow in the morning. Heh heh heh... " Jumping buddha" here I come. ( some inner joke)
I so wanna get new phone. Take it as a early birthday present for myself. LOL!!
Anyway... heaven really buy my clothes yet. Shall see how...
Oh yah.. Im waiting for someone to get me CRUMPLER bag.. =)
Bye all. What a random post

Sunday, January 24, 2010
Blogged at: 9:56 PM

THURSDAY - Out with bestiesss to celebrate Tian's advanced birthday =)
All thanks to desmond that he drove us there, save time for transport.
Went to somewhere at East Coast for dinner. Yummy~~~~
Not forgetting that Jie hao actually dropped the whole cake =(
FRIDAY - No school but went to work around 4 plus.
SATURDAY - Went to take Pract 2 and i didnt managed to pass.
Out with GV cliques to eat dinner at Sakura. Thank you buddy for a sumptuous dinner =) Had lots of fun/laughter/peace/joy!!!
SUNDAY - Working opening today. Nothing much to update about work.
Alright, let me update some movies that I've already watched."Its complicated" its so fucking hilarious! "Vampire assistance" ? Not bad but a bit lame though. As for "The spy next door" is not a bad movie too. =)
Going to watch all the new movies soon! Wait for me moviessssss....
Right.. Pay faster come, Im waiting for u~~
Yeah!! The coming Sunday going to meet besties again, going to buy new year clothes together. Hopping that darling can come along with me! And before that, already planned to meet tian at 10am to go barry house. I think its time for me to visit my gan daddy and mummy. I feel so guilty that they always the 1 who ask me out.
My uncle bought my sister a new phone W350. Cool or what?
Hahaha.. I know this entry of mine is super random!!!!
Okay bye~~~ I love my puipui Raed =)